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Academic Direction by: Royal Holloway
Pathway to undergraduate degree

The CertHE in Business administration is a qualification in its own right that also provides an entry rout to degree study. The modules studied in the CertHE are the same as the first year of the BSc Business Administration.

In view of special entrance requirements, only those students who are studying the course at an institution authorised by the Royal Holloway, are allowed to register. Recognition panels, comprising senior staff members are sent by the Royal Holloway to visit a recognised institution every three years to ensure that standards are maintained and that necessary academic support systems are in place.

Academic Equivalence of the CertHE

Holders of the CertHE gain exemption from the First Year of the BSc Business Administration of the University of London.

CertHE as an entry to the Second Year of BSc at UCL

Students who have successfully completed the CertHE are automatically accepted by UCL to enter the Second Year of the BSc Business Administration offered by UCL for the University of London.

CertHE as entry to the Degree Programmes in the UK

Successful CertHE students who have attained the required grades or marks and have taken the necessary Part I subjects are considered by a number of British universities to be eligible for entry as internal students into the second year of their degree programmes.

The CertHE as an End Qualification

A number of students study for the CertHE to gain a prestigious qualification before proceeding to a career oriented study programme such as an MBA.

Four mandatory Stage 1 courses (each worth 30 credits):

  • Foundations of quantitative methods for sustainable organisations
  • Interpreting management, market and consumption
  • Information systems and organisation studies
  • International business and accounting

The Academic CertHE Business Administration Session for 2024 begins from September 2024