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The Bar Transfer Test enables candidates who are qualified lawyers to have the opportunity to transfer to the Bar of England and Wales, without having to undergo the full course of education and training as required in the Academic stage (qualifying law degree or conversion course) and the vocational stage (Bar professional training course).

BPP University law school is the approved learning provider of the BTT, delivered on behalf of the Bar Standards Board (BSB). Full support is provided by Universal College Lahore to prepare for the extensive course.

Why should one choose BTT?

You can become a Barrister by studying in Pakistan. You only have to go take the papers and attend a certain number of dinners at the Bar. The route is incredibly economical and involves only a small amount of time. A competitive lawyer, with approval from the BSB may become a barrister by taking the BTT only.

What University College is offering?

Universal College Lahore (UCL) has been serving in the field of education since 1994 and is well known for its teaching and competitive faculty members. UCL is offering exclusive training program with:

  • Help with the visa application and ticket for travelling (depending on examination procedures and if exams are not online)
  • Full Application Assistance;
  • Mock Assessments;
  • Skills based recorded practice sessions;
  • Excellent BTT Tuition Support by a team of qualified Barristers;

UCL provides the opportunity to balance this course with family and work commitments. Moreover, the administration will always be there to help the student in depth apart from the lectures.

One to one meetings regarding the feedback;

Entrance requirements

Proficiency in English language.

License to practice in the courts of Pakistan (at least lower Court).

Good work experience.

Modules taught
  • Advocacy
  • Civil Litigation and Evidence
  • Criminal Litigation, Evidence and Sentencing
  • Professional Ethics
  • Opinion Writing
  • Legal Research
  • Drafting
  • Conference Skills


The Academic Session for Bar Transfer Test (BTT) begins from September 2024