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Universal College Adventure Society

What is a university life without a little adventure? Well, UCL has you sorted with its much active Universal College Adventure Society, which endeavors to introduce you with adventures in forms of trips. The society has conducted numerous trips where students stay overnight and indulge in a plethora of activities.

There is a noticeable diversity provided by UCAS in their adventures, in order to accommodate all students in their adventurous endeavor. No one should ever miss out on the fun!

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Universal College Welfare Society

Instilling the concept of charity and catering to the concept of greater good, Universal College Lahore’s welfare society indulges in charitable events. Success of the society and the high charitable spirit of students has been reflected through multiple events that have taken place in UCL. The society has successfully arranges bake sales and many fundraising events, the proceeds of which are donated to charitable organizations.

This society does not restrict itself in donating on only monetary basis, rather, it also conducts blood donation drives annually. In addition to this, it has also arranged theme days where awareness regarding many social issues.


Universal College Dramatics Society

A little bit of drama never hurt anybody. With Universal College Lahore, there’s plenty of drama…on stage. UCL has never shied away from, hosting and participating in drama events. The year begins with Intra, which is conducted within campus. Different plays are showcased on stage which are an epitome of creativity. UCL also annually conducts UCPAF where teams from all over lahore arrive to participate over a 2-day fun filled course of event.

Not only this, UCL  itself participates in many inter-city events, where their teams showcase their talent and represent UCL in multiple universities. Last but not least, UCL also conducts its much awaited annual play. Additionally speaking, with the help of dramatic society counselors, students’ skills in drama have been significantly improved. Indeed, UCL does take its dramatic society very seriously.



At any given time of the day, you would find UCL grounds flooded with students engaged in multiple sport activities, whether it be volleyball, football or badminton. Such enthusiasm for sports has been channeled in the plethora of events UCL conducts over the year just dedicated to sports. Its famous sports fest is a week long event where multiple teams from all over Lahore come to compete in a range of games. Multiple tournaments are held, examples of some of which are the floodlight cricket tournament and the table tennis tournament. The much awaited swimming Gala is a major student favorite and is anticipated throughout the year.

Moreover, UCL also employs multiple sport coaches who ensure to polish students’ skills in and accompany them in their journey of sportsmanship.


Rolling Reels (Media Society)

With so much going on in UCL, there is a dire need of someone behind the lens capturing all these moments. Such a need is catered by its media society, Rolling Reels. The members of society usually seen with a camera, providing coverage. Not only this, the society conducts activities such as photowalks and workshops to polish photography and other skills such as editing.

The society also often conducts day trips like the recent one to old Lahore, and society also invites guest speakers who enlighten students regarding the relevance of media in the practical world.


Universal College Association of Debaters

The art of healthy conversation is crucial, UCL strives to instill within its students this art through debating camps conducted by skilled coaches. The institution has also been a host to mega debating events. Some of these events include the much renowned Shahjiwana, which UCL hosts annually and attracts a large number of participants and audience.

The Waleed Iqbal Declamation Competition too forms part of UCL’s debating legacy and has reserved its spot in the debating world. Additionally, students from UCL attend multiple debating events all over Lahore and and bag many awards for their outstanding and polished skills of debating.


Universal College Association of Mooters

The prestigious Mooting Society of UCL has been essential to its law school. The Society often arranges mooting sessions where different topics are offered for preparation, after which students are placed in a real life simulation of a moot court, usually judged by a real world professional.