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Dear Student / Graduate

In furtherance of the Seminar conducted to introduce UCL’s Continuing Legal Education and Vocational Skills program, you are invited to register for four trial sessions to be conducted by Mr. Chaudhry Muhammad Umar, Mr. Syed Reza Ali, Mr. Haider Rasool Mirza and Mr. Rafey Zeeshan Javed Altaf, UCL’s senior most and experienced faculty members, latest by 2nd March 2015.These sessions shall be conducted in the 1st two weeks of March 2015. Registration for these trial sessions is free of cost and the form is available on the UCL's official website (www.ucl.edu.pk).However, these trial sessions are merely intended to give you a glimpse of the detailed / comprehensive program to be launched in the summers.

We look forward to you having a wonderful and enriching learning experience with us .




The Laws Office .




For further enquiries contact:

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