Director's Message

The technological developments of the past century in the fields of news, telecommunication and information technology have opened the world for us.

More importantly, they have brought the world into our homes. The sense of deprivation, of lagging behind is now more pronounced, as we can see where we are and what others have achieved. Consequently, there is a sharpened desire to better ourselves at a personal and also at a national level. The proliferation of education institutions in Pakistan bears testimony to this.

UCL’s guiding philosophy has been to provide young people in Pakistan the opportunity to become internationally competitive. And we seek to do so by offering to teach for internationally recognised qualifications. The programmes we offer are of assured standards and have worldwide acceptability.

We believe that along with quality education, personality development is crucial. We endeavour to develop self-confidence, independent thinking and power of expression through a host of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, such as dramatics, debates, college publications and sports.

The achievement of our goals lies in a mutually beneficial partnership of all concerned: parents, students, faculty and administration. Consequently, our policies and our activities have, and always will be based on active participation of all concerned. This formula has served us well so far, and will hopefully continue to do so in the future.

Dr. Sayyed Asad Hussain
Director UCL

Mission Statement

Universal College Lahore aims to provide education at par with that available on the international horizon, and to ensure academic excellence and personality development. To make this possible for deserving yet constrained individuals. To create and foster an environment of learning, encouraging those with potential. With this in mind, the institution’s objectives are:

–  to provide quality education;

–  to allow students access to foreign education while remaining within the sociocultural bounds of Pakistan;

–  to cater to the academic and professional requirements as well as the –  personal development of students.


What is the duration of this degree?

Like all British undergraduate qualifications, this is also a 3 year degree (minimum). This means that a student who comes into the program after his/her ‘A’ levels, will get an undergraduate degree after 16 years of study. As opposed to this, ‘A’ Level students enrolling with an institution that offers a 4 year undergraduate degree, will get an undergraduate degree after 17 years of education.

What is the difference between CertHE/CHESS and an LLB (Hons) or a BSc (Hons) degree?

The CertHE/CHESS programme is equivalent to the first year of the LLB/BSc programme. Students who have successfully completed the CertHE/CHESS are automatically accepted by Universal College Lahore into the Second Year of one of the degree. They shall then be able to complete the degree in three years (minimum) just like other students who enrolled through the Standard route.

The CertHE/CHESS is designed for those students who are mature students (18 or above) and do not meet the University of London’s admission criteria, i.e those students who do not have the required ‘A’ Level/Bachelor qualifications or who wish to obtain a qualification in its own right but do not wish to do the complete degree.

Is this degree recognised by HEC?

The degree that is awarded to the students is awarded by the University of London and this is recognised by the HEC. Moreover it is a globally recognised degree. Our graduates get admission to the Masters programme of the best local and foreign universities. Currently, our graduates are studying in the top universities of the world, like Oxford, Cambridge, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), University College London, Harvard Law School, Cornell, NYU, Berkley and University of Toronto.

Can I get a job after completing this degree?

This degree is recognised by the top law firms and multinational companies working in Pakistan. At present our graduates are working at top law firms such as BNR, Haider Mota & Co, Cornelius, Lane & Mufti and multi nationals such as Nestle, coca Cola and Pepsi. They are also well-placed at leading local and international banks like ABN AMRO, Standard Chartered, Faysal Bank Al Meezan Bank and MCB.

Our students choose diverse fields. Many have successfully passed the CSS examinations and may be found in Police Service or Foreign Service. Some have chosen to opt for a political career and are members of the Parliament.

Does Universal College Lahore provide Hostel Facilities?

We do not have hostel facility. However we can assist you in finding a suitable hostel accommodation in the vicinity of Universal College Lahore campus.

Is the UoL LLB degree recognised by the Pakistan Bar Council and how do I get the licence to practise law in Pakistan?

The University of London LLB degree, whether through Standard Entry or Graduate Entry, is recognised by the Pakistan Bar Council and you shall be eligible to practise in Pakistan as an advocate of the Lower Courts after taking the floowing two online tests:

1) Law Graduates Admission Test (LGAT): This is a mandatory tests that needs to be taken by anyone who wants to enrol with the Bar Council whether they have done a local or a foreign degree.

2)Special Equivalance Exams (SEE): This exam is only taken by the graduates of foreign degree. It is an online test conducted by the HEC.

What does the Laws Entrance test entail? Are any samples available?

The Laws entrance tests assesses your reasoning skills, your ability to analyse, the level of comprehension you have and the ability to communicate in English Language. No samples are available for this.