In collaboration with the ADR Initiative, for the first time in Pakistan, University College Lahore introduces the Civil/Commercial Mediation Training Programme by ADR ODR International which will take place at UCL. It is CMC, UK and SIMI, Singapore accredited and duration is 40 hours. You may be a current student or graduate/professional. It is NOT specific to the field of Law. Anyone from within or outside UCL may apply whether doing International Programme or a local degree.


You will have an International Faculty coming from the UK, Greece, Italy and Lebanon to train for this prestigious course.

This course will qualify you to practice as a Mediator in the UK and various other jurisdictions in the world through ADR-ODR International as an Accredited ADR-ODR International Mediator which will professionally enable you financially sustain yourself whenever you go to the UK for your Bar-at-Law or LLM. Mediators charge on a sliding scale depending on their experience and seniority and The ADR Initiative will assuredly assist and guide you in your post-graduate journey and practice in ADR.

The detail for the Course may be found on the Brouchure available on the right .

To ensure that you do not miss out on this unprecedented opportunity, register as soon as possible either through the booking form provided below or online at ADR-ODR International’s booking page through the following link


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Upon completing the Booking through either means, you will be provided with a confirmation along with a payment invoice, which you must use to make your payment at UCL.
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