Accountability for Rape
(A Case Study of Lodhran)

The University College Lahore Human Rights Centre was created in 2013 for law students and recent law graduates. The Centre works for the promotion of human rights and due process, with a particular focus on Pakistan. A subsidiary of the Centre is the Human Rights Clinic. The Clinic was inaugurated in September 2016 and is currently housing its second human rights fellow. The Clinic has run a legal incubator plan and is expanding in the coming academic year to involve students in clinical experiences. The Clinic provides a unique opportunity for fresh graduates and law students to develop lawyering skills both in litigation and research/legislative drafting, these skills include: legal research, drafting, cross witness examination, oral advocacy, preparing legal memos, etc.

The national human rights moot is held annually under the auspices of this Centre for the last 5 years. Moreover, the Human Rights Review, is an annual publication of the Centre, currently work is being done on the sixth volume. The Human Rights Review is a student run journal that aims to promote legal scholarship and create an environment that facilitates dialogue on human right issues in Pakistan.

The Centre also holds seminars on different fair trial and human rights issues. The seminars build a relationship between civil society actors, lawyers and students on human rights issues in Pakistan. The seminar series are co-organized by University College Lahore and The American Bar Association – Rule of Law Initiative.

University College Lahore has also recently begun working on a project for further development of its Law Clinic in collaboration with Arizona State University.