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Foundations of analyzing: note analysis concepts Chapter exam

web page 1

query 1 1. The prefix re- ability:

query 2 2. The suffix that ability greater is _____.

question 3 3. a group of letters at the start or end of a notice can alternate its that means. here is called a/an:

question four 4. A root observe ought to appear:

query 5 5. what's the basis of the observe 'response'?

page 2

query 6 6. the place is the syllable smash in the note 'snappy'?

query 7 7. what's syntax? opt for the surest definition.

query 8 8. Which of right here sentences is an example of an antonym context clue for the note nervous?

question 9 9. beneath you'll discover statements with a specific observe in costs. The context clues in these sentences may still help outline the note. be aware that every remark is an illustration of a undeniable classification of context clue. To which of right here examples can Direct Definition be applied?

web page 3

question eleven eleven. what's the suffix within the notice 'telecommunication'?

question 12 12. Paul's 'aggressive' play made his opponents fear him on the football box. Which of right here styles of context clues tells the reader what the notice aggressive may imply.

question 13 13. A homograph is a(n)...

query 14 14. what's the prefix in the observe 'inventor'?

query 15 15. What category of morpheme is the suffix 'ling' within the notice 'changeling'?

web page 4

query sixteen 16. under you're going to locate statements with a selected note in costs. The context clues in these sentences may still aid define the underlined notice. observe that each remark is an instance of a undeniable type of context clue. Which of following examples can Synonym be utilized to?

query 17 17. what is a great starting element for educating syllabication?

question 18 18. what's syllabication?

query 19 19. The prefix that means opposite is _____.

query 20 20. What condition does the term morpheme solely observe to?

page 5

question 21 21. What complications can a homograph existing?

question 22 22. name the relevant variety of morphemes in here sentence: 'Take me to my village to die, surrounded by friends.'

query 23 23. Homographs share a definition.

question 25 25. Which of the following statements is appropriate?

web page 6

query 26 26. When students are clapping syllables, how again and again should still they clap for the word 'bulldozer?'

query 27 27. the root that ability warmth is _____.

question 28 28. What does ''liberty'' imply?

query 29 29. The be aware homograph, in line with its roots, skill literally what?

question 30 30. where is the syllable break in the notice 'spider'?

Foundations of studying: word analysis ideas Chapter examination guidelines

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